Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Problem for the unemployed: Job-less Discimination

Well it's isn't enough that the newly unemployed must face the uncertainty of the future. With high unemployment, the homeless population growing, more American without health insurance, and the cost of health care growing. How much more can people take?????

 If you think that plate is holding too much bullshit now, well make room and add some call

Job-Less Discrimination

Now I know that I'm off the grid a lot of times and I don't keep up with the latest  bullshit that airs of TV or cable these days, so I play catch-up on current event, and in doing so, I come across some of the most insane bullshit that is out there. Well people this is one of those occasions that just makes you say "Dam"!!!!
 My friend had this link on his page that I found very interesting. The article talks about a practice that goes on among some business, they practice not hiring people that are unemployed......If you are like me you're saying to yourself "what the fu**!" You mean to tell me that if you get laid off or what ever your situation is for more than 6 months the chances of you getting another job will become more challenging, if not at all possible. So you remain without a job, because you don't have a job.
I think I just confused myself !!!!!
With this information the implications for African Americans are very bleak and for the young  people dam near impossible......What is the answer for this situation? How will we as a community solve this dilemma? Who will hire our children when the competition is already fierce out in the job market.

Well you can check it out for your self  follow this link:

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  1. Hey this give you something to think about. I now understand why I'm not getting call back from the number of applications that I have submitted just this year alone. I must change my strategy for future employment