Thursday, December 1, 2011

WOMEN:The Greatest Value on the Planet

This is something that has frustrated me for a very long time....The value place upon women is at an all time low. I just read an article about the plight of the Afghan woman named Gulnaz. She was place in jail for two years for reporting her rape by a cousin through marriage. She was charged with adultery and was sentence without the cousin being brougth before the courts. She has spent at least two years in jail and also gave birth to her daughter by this cousin while in prison. Well she was recently released after pressure by the EU press, and only if she agreed to become the second wife of the cousin that raped her.  According to the Afghan culture if a woman marries the father of the child, that was born out of wedlock, this would legitimizes the child, and saves her from ridicule of the Afghan society.
This has really struck a cord with me because the value of a woman is so low, that her body can be violated in such a way that it doesn't matter what she feels or thinks. It is so sad to me to think that in the 21st century that practices such as this still exists in the world. How very sad that the Afghan society still function on this level. It would seem to me that with all of the problems that they face in that country, that everyone should be welcomed to help solve these problems. Instead the women are oppressed to the point to where men use them as a vessel for their pleasure and then discard them as they would trash.
With this in mind leads me to think of how woman are treated in this society. I must say that I feel very blessed to have been born in the United States. Women here have choices and the freedom to exercise those choices. Even though there has been many attempts by some religious conservatives to infringe on a woman right to choose. These people still think that oppressing woman right and to control what they should and should not do is God's way. Well history has proven that the oppression of woman has not done society any good at all.
Just consider that with all of the problem that we face in this world and society at large that we need all able minds and bodies on hand to solve these problems for the future of our children. Just think about this if the world was not so hell bent on control their greatest resource which by the way are (woman). A lot of the decisions that have been made by mostly men, has put our future at risk across the globe. In this country the uni-lateral decisions made by men, has put us in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. I'm not saying that woman don't make bad decisions. I'm saying that if look at from the points of strength and weakness men and woman both have the ability to balance out a situations when both prospectives are utilized for the greater good of society as a whole.....
We have did ourselves and this world a great disservice for not understanding the value of women on this a woman I know that listening too the antiquated belief systems that woman have been raised on, has devalued our impute on the grand scale of living as a whole.....with so many challenges that we face here in this world with generational wars, hunger, sickness, disease, and order to solve them, and find the solutions to live better, all hand and minds are needed to sustain a future for our children and grandchildren.
Since woman bring forth life we have an even greater stake in what happens in this world and across this country. Our strenght, should no longer be diminished in the wake of a man. We should understand that we have equal value in this universe and across this Planet. For us here in this country we do have the freedom  to do as we please.....and it should not be taken lightly. We must continue to fight for the freedom of all people, men and women of all colors across this planet. That is the right to be free from oppression and to pursue what make us happy. This should be allotted to everyone across this planet.....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Knowing what you like is the key to Happiness

I have been reading this book call "The Art of Leading Yourself" the author is a Randi Noyes. I find that this book is something that anyone who wants some self improvement may want to read.....
When I get restless I have a tendency to wander through the library trying to find something that will stimulate my mind and also relieve me of my boredom. That when I ran across this 147 page gem of a book....The first thing that intrigued me about this book was of course the title...."The Art of Leading Yourself".....I was hooked right from the start.....It is impossible for me to put down anything that has too do with self improvement.....and to think that someone would even suggest that leading yourself was and art form was really interesting.....
I read the book from cover to cover in a matter of three day....The information that is contained in this book was something that was indeed very interesting and that it gave me some very juicy tid-bits that I could sink my teeth right into....I invoked in me a picture of growth and improvement and it tapped right  into my essence of who and what I wanted to become in the future.....
The premise of the book was to discover and understand your EI.....I know, I know you may ask what exactly is your EI....well as I kept on reading I was informed by the author that your EI is referred to as your Emotional Intelligence.....Emotional intelligence you don't say....I know that the concept of your so-called emotional intelligence sounds foreign, and quite frankly is a term that I had never heard of except in this book.....well personally I love to discover something that is off the pathway of current conversation....or something that is not currently as I continued to read I was even more excited that this little treasure was something that everyone across this planet could relate too.....because emotions are something that every human being possess and emotions are quite confusing especially if you don't even understand them.....well this was what I was looking for on this particular day of restlessness....I had found something that I could learn about....It is always exciting to learn something new that is not on the popular radar or mainstream....this concept of Emotional Intelligence was in deed something that would hold my interest.
This book first had you to understand that your emotions are not something that should be denied....and that all emotions holds the keys that will help you make better decision about your own life.....Well every one that I know whats to make better decision about what they should and should not do.....It is also very helpful to know that all of the answers that we as human have so many question for....can in fact be found within our selves....Especially in these uncertain time that we live in.....That is the one reason for my interest, I was looking for answers about my own life.....and I'm sure most people have questions that they would like answered in their own life....
This book also help me too understand that all emotions are signals to what is really going on within us.....we as human have some type of feelings about everything that is going on in this world and that staying in tuned with how we are feeling at any given moment is a great way to make better decisions in any giving situation....Understanding yourself and getting in touch with what you feel is something very empowering for ones self gives you certain control over your life....and who doesn't want total control over what going on in your life.....
I personally love this book and I referrer to it often when it is something that I am not sure about.....especially about thing that I have learned from this book is that negative emotions are necessary to help you to understand when something is out of balance in your life.....the book helps you through a series of exercises in which you learn how to integrate your negative emotions so that you can understand what going on with you and how you can use these signal too benefit you.....
That is what makes this book so important to anyone who wants to understand themselves better and how they relate to this crazy, crazy world in which we live in....another thing that this book brings to the readers attention, is that the key to your own personal happiness lies within the things that we personally like in this world. It helps you to explore your own personal taste.....we are all unique in this world and that we all have different preferences....that is the keys to our happiness and it is the keys to what we want to do in this life...
We only have this one good life on this plane of existence....we had better make it count....for our selves and our love one.....Emotional Itelligence is a concept that I concidered very important in understand, when it comes to my personal Self will you ever expect to lead anyone if you have no leadership of self.....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Africa, the Next Frontier for Entrepreneurs: Business Opportunities in the Neglected Continent : Center for Social Innovation (CSI)

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African American Women Are Moving Ahead Rapidly : Center for Social Innovation (CSI)

must blog about this asap...very good read....I feel it in the pit of my stomach......

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Yahoo! Music - Michael Jackson's Children: 'They've Adjusted Pretty Well,' Says Grandmother - Hip-Hop Media Training

Michael Jackson's Children: 'They've Adjusted Pretty Well,' Says Grandmother - Hip-Hop Media Training

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yahoo! Shine - 11 Foods for Faster, Easier Weight Loss

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Problem for the unemployed: Job-less Discimination

Well it's isn't enough that the newly unemployed must face the uncertainty of the future. With high unemployment, the homeless population growing, more American without health insurance, and the cost of health care growing. How much more can people take?????

 If you think that plate is holding too much bullshit now, well make room and add some call

Job-Less Discrimination

Now I know that I'm off the grid a lot of times and I don't keep up with the latest  bullshit that airs of TV or cable these days, so I play catch-up on current event, and in doing so, I come across some of the most insane bullshit that is out there. Well people this is one of those occasions that just makes you say "Dam"!!!!
 My friend had this link on his page that I found very interesting. The article talks about a practice that goes on among some business, they practice not hiring people that are unemployed......If you are like me you're saying to yourself "what the fu**!" You mean to tell me that if you get laid off or what ever your situation is for more than 6 months the chances of you getting another job will become more challenging, if not at all possible. So you remain without a job, because you don't have a job.
I think I just confused myself !!!!!
With this information the implications for African Americans are very bleak and for the young  people dam near impossible......What is the answer for this situation? How will we as a community solve this dilemma? Who will hire our children when the competition is already fierce out in the job market.

Well you can check it out for your self  follow this link:

Then go to the botton of this page and answer the questions
Thank you,

Why Do Men Lie?????

Well Ladies I guess this is an age old question, "Why do men Lie?"
 Well if you're like me, and wonder why there seems to be no answer. Well I have come a cross this video on U-tube from one of my friends, It is so funny but very interesting. So if you are scratching your head, and pulling out your hair by the root, because you just caught your man in another lie. Before you commit homicide take a look at this video, not only will it make you laugh, but it can give you some insight into his behavior. Then you can better decide if you will dump his ass, or keep his ass.... it is your choice.
Make sure you're taking notes: really funny enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Whaaat!!!! I'm not Black enough

I got up this morning and turned on my radio to listen to my favorite morning show. I must say I am alway surprised to hear about another person criticising Barack Obama on his Blacknees.

Someone please tell me what does it mean to be Black enough. Please some one chime in on this shit.....
It seem that it is a never ending line of folks Black and White who will stand up to pull something out of there A.... just to have something to say to get their time in the spotlight. All of the thing that is going on in this country and around the world, people are still trying to determine if President Obama is black enough. I just don't understand that kind of question, what in hell does it mean to be Black enough. From the looks of his skin and the hell that he must endure to do his job. I can say with confidence that, 1) he is black, and 2) it's enough Dammit!!!!!

Next time the World end, will someone send me a memo!

Hey why didn't anyone tell me that the world was going to end.
 I don't think that was at all fair. I have been having my head stuck in a book all week and had not thought of turning on the TV, or reading any news. So I missed the end. Dam!
The way that I found out that the end was near was after the event. I just happened to tune in to some of my neighbors talking about the end of the world and that it was suppose to happen Saturday. When I finally figured out that today was the day I was totally shocked. Man I just got to stay tuned in for pete sakes, what's going to happen the next time the world end, I have got to be ready to have some good sex a a moments notice.
 Look what I will miss out on.