Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stop the Mis-education of the Negro.....Learn IT for Yourself

While was at work the other day, I had a discussion with a very young Black man about the importance of voting in this country. The conversation began with his statement about Barack Obama, not doing anything for him or any president for that matter. To say the least, I went in full force on him about the importance of voting and what the Negro had to suffer to even receive this simple freedoms in this country. The right to vote signifies our right to choose for our self what is right for us. After this young man seen how very passionate I am about exercising our right to vote in this country....after 100 years of oppression by the White man, and only being granted this unalienable right just  47 year ago the year I was born, civil right was passed in February in 1964. I also informed him that this right is as young as I am, so don't get comfortable with that mindset.

Today in this Election year, with so much at sake in this country that concern All Americans, I am worried about the state of the Negros in this country with this (I don't care attitude) when it comes to voting and becoming involved in this political process & legislation in this country. From what I understand it is that the Negro feel that they have no- say- so about what will happen to them and their families, and that this country will do what it wants to do in order to get the outcome that they desire...first of all I have never understood what people meant when they say (they)....I only wonder will this attitude continue to display itself after the election of our first African American President. I do understand that Barack Obama was not only elected by black people but by all the people in this country. But what I worry about is the lack of confidence in our people when it comes to making significant change in this country. I worry that with all of our advancement in technology, that the Negro still proclaim their ineffectiveness in producing change within himself and other.
I began to do some research in answering the question about the lack of participation on behalf of the Negro in the electoral process and began to contemplate how to began to address this overwhelming a black woman in this country I have tried to become an example of upward mobility, because I understand that the struggle still continue....even though a lot of young negro's don't understand what the struggle was in the first place. With this country continue lack of investment in the former slaves and their decedents....just like Dr.
Carter G. Woodson continue to point out in his book "The Mis-education of the Negro", his fact have indeed come to true in our communities....with the Republican National Convention disdain for all things Barack they continued lie and distort our President....I have never seen so much disrespect and lack of cooperation with a president in the history of this country like the Senate and Congress has shown Barack Obama....and lets just let it be known for all of the people that don't seem to understand....this is only a problem because of the color of his skin....he is a Negro....and in this country this Negro is out of his place and must be put back where he belongs....or is it just me...that see what is happening....the Republican Party wants to make sure that Barack Obama wont get back in office and that any other black little boy or girl had better think twice before they every think about becoming president in this country....this is a point that Dr. Woodson points out in his book....the hatred of the Negro in this country.....they continue to down play any accomplishment that President Barack Obama has made without the support of the Senate or Congress....
But I say things will and must be different in the mindset of every American in this country. Barack Obama epitomizes the American rise from nothing and become the most powerful man on the matter what color your skin....but the republican party wants the white supremacy mentality to continue to infest this country. Discounting all of the significant contribution made by the Negro....hell it was slaves that built the capitol of these United Stated....but we can not reap the benefits of our ancestor labor and sacrifice....what an atrocity.....WE MUST SEND A MESSAGE TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY  that WHITE SUPREMACY IS DEAD....and that every American deserves a far chance in this county especially the Negro who was enslaved for over 400 hundred year and built the wealth of this country that only a few now will benefit....we must continue to strive for change in this great country of ours, and I mean ours "ALL THE PEOPLE".....and as the Negro we must understand the VALUE OF our investment with blood, sweat, and tear....must not give up the fight for our rights to CHOOSE BY VOTE.....(THAT IS ALL FOR NOW)

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